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That Way Zine Issue 1

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52 full color pages, printed at 7x10"

Includes work by 35 LGBTQ+ artists and 3 interviews, including QR codes which include artists' videos directly into the zine. This first issue of That Way Zine is a collection of work by artists that have done a takeover on @thatwa.y during the platform's first year of existence.

Artists Included: Shterna Goldboom, Shawn Rowe, Boris Fitzgerald, Zachary Hutchinson, Tom Zust, Aurele Gould, Jonathon Beaver, Storm Dunder, Kelvin Burzon, Zach Schwaller, Adam Ring, Naruki Kukita, J Houson, Padyn Humble, Hank Opal Jove, Michael Søndergaard, Berke Yazicioglu, Jenny Irene Miller, Hannah McBroom, Anje Thomas, Nykoli Koslow, Charley Guptill, Colin J. Radcliffe, Rae Senarighi, Michael Lagerman, Jason Elizondo, Brian Oldham, Krister Larson, Marval A. Rex, Adi Nes, Mickey Aloisio, Skyler Pham, Hotandsexydyke, Erma Fiend, and Kieron Jina. ❤️